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It all starts with connecting, truthfully, with yourself

Updated: Jun 10

Here is something that I hope you might find useful. It is an audio recording of the guided check-in process that we often practise at the beginning of class.

Gleaned from decades of my work with other teachers and in my own teaching and directing practise, it is a distillation of what I have found to be most helpful in helping the actor connect with their self.

It really does have to start there.

If we cannot be connected-with and be honest about where we really are in ourselves, how can we then hope to then work honestly on a 'character' or 'scene'? Without that solid foundation, truthfully grounded in how we actually are at a given moment in our lives, adding imaginary circumstances is like building a house on shifting sand. And I know that if you are one of those working with me, or drawn to the way I work, you will want to not short change yourself, your acting partners or your audience by not giving yourself as much chance as possible of working at depth.

I recommend running the process at the beginning of your day, and certainly before coming to training, before doing that self tape or audition, or on your way to the theatre, set or location to perform.

Here is the recording as a video file.

Headphones recommended.

You are free to download, distribute and share it.

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